Do Sellers Get A Copy Of Home Inspection? (Explained)

Wondering if sellers get a copy of the home inspection report?

No, sellers don't automatically receive a copy of the buyer's home inspection report.

You have to ask for it, but the buyer has the right to decline.

In this post, I'll explain if and when sellers get a copy of home inspection, and why it's not a good idea to ask for the report.

Do Sellers Get A Copy Of Home Inspection?

No, sellers don't automatically get a copy of the home inspection report.

The report is made for the buyer since they're the ones who hired the inspector and paid for the whole thing. It belongs to them.

But that doesn't mean the seller is totally left in the dark.

There are definitely times when the seller might be able to get their hands on the report too.

When the buyer is looking to negotiate with the seller, that's usually when the report comes into play for the seller. The buyer might want the seller to make some repairs or give them a discount based on what the inspector found.

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And to really back up their requests, the buyer will share a part or a whole copy of the inspection report with the seller.

That way, the seller can see exactly what issues the inspector uncovered, and why the buyer is asking for certain things.

It makes the whole negotiation process a lot smoother when everything is out in the open.

Now, if the buyer only gave you part of the report, you can always ask for a copy.

How Do I Get A Copy Of My Home Inspection Report?

If you want a full copy of the report, you can ask the buyer or their real estate agent for it. 

But don't just expect them to hand it over.

The buyer doesn't have to give it to you unless they want to, maybe for negotiating reasons like we talked about, or just being nice and keeping things transparent.

Your best bet is to ask politely and explain why you'd like a copy.

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Maybe you're just curious to see what kind of shape your house is in from a professional's perspective. Or maybe you want to get a head start on making some repairs before listing again if this deal falls through.

Whatever the reason, it never hurts to ask.

The buyer might be willing to share it with you, especially if you have a good relationship with them so far.


Should You Ask For The Inspection Report?

I know you might be really tempted to get your hands on that inspection report. But here's the thing - asking for that report isn't always the best move.

A lot of real estate agents will actually advise their seller clients not to ask for it.

And there's a good reason for that.

See, if you get that inspection report and the deal with the current buyer ends up falling apart for whatever reason, you might be legally required to disclose any problems or issues the inspector found to future buyers.

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That can put you in a tough spot and make your house harder to sell down the line.


If The Buyers Gives It To You Without Requesting

There's also the fact that sometimes, when a buyer shares the inspection report with you, it's like a subtle way for them to make your house look really messed up or defective.

It's their way of trying to get you to agree to repairs or a lower price.

But that tactic can easily backfire and just piss you off instead.

Next thing you know, you're arguing with the buyer over whether the report is even accurate or if the issues are really that big of a deal. The whole situation gets bad real quick.

The buyer gets anxious that you're downplaying things, you get defensive about your house, and boom - the deal is hanging on by a thread.


Can The Seller Be At The Home Inspection?

No, the seller should not be present during the home inspection. This allows the inspector to work freely and the buyer to ask questions openly.

How Often Does A Home Inspection Kill A Deal?

Home inspections rarely completely kill a deal. But if the inspection finds major issues, and the buyer and seller can't agree on how to handle them, the deal might fall through.

Are Home Inspection Reports Confidential?

Home inspection reports aren't considered confidential documents. They're made for the buyer, who can choose to share them with others, including the seller, if they want.

But it's important to respect the buyer's privacy and not share the report without their okay.

Should Buyer Provide Inspection Report To Seller?

The buyer isn't obligated to share the report with the seller. However, it may be used during negotiations, especially if repairs are requested.