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Selling in a Recession: A Wake-Up Call for Home Sellers

Fears of a recession are looming large right now—and while we aren't technically in one yet (that would require two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth), even the possibility of a recession sends worrisome ripples throughout many areas of our lives and the housing market is no exception. 

For homebuyers, a recession could be that final factor that, combined with rising interest rates and high home prices, prompts many to shelve their house hunt until conditions improve. For home sellers, a recession could mean the raging seller’s market they’ve enjoyed for the past two years could be waning, dragging down home prices and profits.(1)

This article outlines what selling in a recession means and how it can impact your home sale.

Understanding Selling in A Recession

Recessions are prolonged economic deterioration, typically marked by falling consumer expenditure, growing unemployment, and a contracting housing market.

Therefore, selling your home through a recession means venturing into a real estate market with fewer potential buyers, lower property prices, and a larger supply of homes for sale. Potential buyers in such a market would be more wary due to economic and job instability, which could lengthen the selling process and make negotiations more contentious.

So, sellers need to wake up to the fact that they must adapt their marketing strategy to account for the specific difficulties of selling a home during a recession.

Impacts Of Selling Your Home During a Recession 

Decreased Consumer Interest or Demand

Consumers are understandably hesitant to make significant purchases when the economy is in a slump. If fewer potential buyers exist, your home may spend more time on the market.

Value Drops for Homes.

Real estate values typically fall during a recession because of weak property markets and lessened buyer competition. If you're a seller, you might need to readjust your expectations for a sale price to reflect the present market.

Stricter Criteria for Lending

Lenders may become more selective in providing mortgages to homebuyers during economic downturns. The number of potential buyers and your eventual sale price may decrease as a result.

Enhanced Rivalry

There will be more competition between sellers if there is a larger supply of houses on the market. Your home won't stand out from the crowd if it isn't priced and displayed competitively and carefully. Therefore, you need to consult real estate experts like  sell my house fast ralston Nebraska to help research market trends and times that will result in good sales. 

Difficulties in Negotiating

In a slumping economy, buyers may be more aggressive in bargaining for better terms. You can ease these obstacles with an open mind and a negotiable attitude.

Prolonged Sale Periods

House listings may sit on the market for longer in a down market due to fewer potential buyers and stiffer competition. More homes on the market means it could be a while before you find a buyer, especially if there aren't as many people right now. You, the seller, need to exercise patience and accept the possibility of a more drawn-out sale.

How to Sell During a Downturn/Recession 

Selling your home during a downturn can be challenging. However, these tips can help boost your chances of faster sales:

Reasonable Pricing

Determine a fair market value for your house by analyzing previous sales in your area. Overpricing in a down market might turn off potential buyers and cause a home to be on the market for longer.

Maximize Your Curb Appeal

You should work on your home's curb appeal to attract more interested buyers. Keeping the outside of your house in good condition can increase its market value and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Set The Scene Tactically

If you want potential buyers to have a positive impression of your house, home staging may be something to look into. Buyers will be more likely to make an offer on your property if they visualize themselves living there.

Include Incentives

When selling a property in a competitive market, it might be helpful to offer incentives like paying the buyer's closing expenses or including a home warranty to entice them to make an offer.

Promote In a Bold Way

Consult a seasoned agent in real estate who can help you navigate the challenges of selling during a downturn. To attract a larger pool of interested buyers, your real estate agent should promote your property extensively through internet listings, social networking sites, and virtual tours.

Maintain A Pliable Attitude

Work around potential buyers' availability and preferences as much as possible during showings and negotiations. A quicker and easier transaction may result from a more cooperative seller.

Feature The Added Value Aspects

Highlight any upgrades or other characteristics that add value to the home and help it stand out. Upgrades that make a home more energy efficient or provide a convenient place to work from home are two improvements that could appeal to purchasers even more strongly during a downturn.

Facilitate Seller Financing

Offer seller funding to entice additional buyers. Some homebuyers may have trouble securing conventional financing during a downturn, but with the seller's help, the property can still be purchased.

By taking on the role of the lender in a seller-financed sale, you make a loan to the buyer in exchange for a percentage of the deal's cost. This can increase the number of interested parties and speed up the selling process.


Selling a house during a recession can be difficult, but it also allows sellers to adjust to a shifting market and find new ways to make money. Realizing how a downturn may affect the selling of your property should serve as a wake-up call that prompts you to take preventative measures in advertising, pricing, and presentation.If you price your property competitively, pay attention to curb appeal, strategically stage it, market it, offer incentives, highlight value-added amenities, and remain flexible during negotiations, you can sell your home despite the economy. Also, working with a real estate professional like sell my house fast bellevue nebraska, who knows their way around a down market, can help you get the best price for your home and minimize any losses you might incur.

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